3 simple ways to improve your CS course

Teaching computer science is hard, but you teach because of your love for code. So we’re here to help you improve the course experience for both you, and your students, so we can all continue to code with ♥︎


1Feedback is a gift
Students learn best from their own mistakes, so let’s start providing hints on where they’re going wrong. Showing students test cases, and testing against these from the start is the best way to prep them for the real world.

AutoGradr lets students try on their own, so they can come to you after they’ve given it their best, and so you can give them real feedback, not answers.

2Stop the download-run-debug
Grading code is extremely tedious, and the download-run-debug route is not the best way. Use your (or your TA’s) office hours to help students with issues they’re facing, instead of grading, and wrestling through student code.

AutoGradr grades and gives you all the information you need online — the test cases, whether they passed, and you can even review their code without downloading it.

3Focus on quality
When students are struggling to get their work done, the first thing that suffers is code quality. The same goes for when you’re struggling to grade. Quality is what separates working code from good scaleable code. And we want our students to be good coders.

AutoGradr provides both you, and the students with a detailed lint report, so students who put in the time to write clean code are rewarded, and the ones who don’t are motivated to do so!

So let’s embark on a journey to improve our CS course experience today with AutoGradr. AutoGradr is designed and built by former TA’s, in collaboration with CS professors, and the best part is that we’re completely FREE. We look forward to seeing you and your students on AutoGradr this fall semester



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