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A new way to think about your money and feel good about it

For years we’ve been taught to budget, to be frugal, and spend conservatively. We’ve never questioned it, and it has led to the stifling of important money conversations. Instead of budgeting or being frugal, we’re now too embarrassed about our spending to have honest conversations about it.

Turns out, people…

Tech designer endorsed 14-step guide

  1. Ideate in your head
  2. Pull out pen and paper so you feel like you’re in a careers page photo
  3. Spend hours trying to draw a good-looking iPhone
  4. Go on a walk
  5. Realize you can just trace out your own iPhone
  6. Squiggle a little, red ink and arrows overlay mandatory
  7. Grab…

That ship sucks

A quick guide to help you navigate the rough seas

1. Talk about being overworked

Co-worker: “Good morning”
You: “oh it’s been morning for me since 4 am, and I went to bed at 3:45 am”

2. Look tired and overworked

Keep an extra vial of glycerin to make your eyes look tired and watery when your boss is approaching. Also collect your empty coffee cups on your desk.

Teaching computer science is hard, but you teach because of your love for code. So we’re here to help you improve the course experience for both you, and your students, so we can all continue to code with ♥︎


1Feedback is a gift
Students learn best from their own mistakes, so…

Nishtha H. Dalal

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